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The unique flavour of mint is so special, that only a reference to its name could be enough to create a sense of coolness, but also an irresistible desire to enjoy a mint beverage.

Apart from the delightful and rejuvenating freshness of mint, nature has blend it with plenty of healing properties.

Its tonic effect on the human body, combined with its antiseptic and antimicrobial benefits, make mint an excellent herb for the human body.

Our Organic Mint tea has been awarded with 2 stars in Great Taste Awards 2020 competition in London.

What critics said:

The epitome of quality. Wonderful presentation of whole leaves with no stem, quality that is presented in the final product. Smells fantastic – you really get that punch of mint. Fresh and full of mint, with natural sweet undertones. One of the best mint teas we have taste.

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Recipe for hot tea

Δοσολογία:For each cup, it is proposed 1 gram of mint

Add fresh, warm, filtered water (90ºC) in a pot and leave the tea to infuse for 5-6 minutes, with the lid on, to allow the essential oils to be released. It can be served plain or with honey.



Organic mint


Hand-picked from South Greece

Νet weight: 80 gr  |   Gross weight: 200 gr

Nutritional value

Πίνακας διατροφικής αξίας


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