Anthea Organics – Goudaki Eleonora
Ε20: Company Policy


ISO: 22000:2018

Date of issue: 01/11/2021
Issue No: 1η


Anthea Organics company and personally Ms. Goudaki Eleonora are practically committed that they want the right implementation of the ISO 22000 system based on the legal requirements of the current legislation.

Guided by the acquisition of knowledge on food safety management and the above legal framework, she consults when it deems appropriate its external partner to make the products as safe as possible to the consumer public.

In addition, it encourages the interested party to actively participate in achieving the objectives based on the International Standard (ISO 22000: 2018) regarding food safety, with the aim of absolute customer satisfaction.

The necessary material and technical infrastructure as well as their inspections-reviews, the training program and the established objective goals contribute in this direction.

From the Management,

Goudaki Eleonora
Anthea Organics