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This website (www.antheaorganics.gr) belongs to the company “ANTHEA ORGANICS”, based in Thessaloniki, VAT Number 109757679 Tax Office. Thessaloniki, No. GEMI 144599605000 and legal representative Eleonora Goudaki of Nikolaos).


CAUTION! The visit and use of the site is governed by these terms, which you are deemed to have accepted by just visiting and using the site. You should read the terms carefully and refer to them every time you visit the site. The Company reserves the right to modify them at any time, posting the new text on the site each time. If you have any objections or reservations do not continue navigating and using the site. You can inform us about your objections and reservations at info@antheaorganics.gr.


Contacting our company – Working Hours

You can contact us via the following ways:
– email: info@antheaorganics.gr
– phone: +30 2311261042
between 10:00 and 17:00 (Athen’s Greece time zone) on working days only (ie, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays are excluded
The above may vary during the Christmas / New Year, Easter and August holidays.

Technical Access to the Site

  1. Visiting and using this website presupposes your access to the internet at your own risk, means and expenses. The Company assumes no obligation or responsibility to secure and / or facilitate your internet access. The Company is not responsible in case for any technical reason it is temporarily or permanently impossible or the access to the Internet or the website is interrupted or the posting of content on the site is not possible.
  2. You have the sole responsibility to ensure that your computer, networks, systems and files are not infected and protected from viruses, malware, etc. The Company is not responsible for the maintenance or repair of your computer, networks, systems and your files for any damage they suffer after your visit to the site or by third party intervention.

Your obligations

You are obliged to
– comply with these terms and regulations,
– provide accurate and complete information when using the site,
– refrain from any action that could be detrimental to the Company and / or third parties,
– refrain from posting, publishing and disseminating through the site material / content that is illegal, offensive, abusive,
defamatory, or which supports unfair discrimination.
– do not use the site in the context of illegal activities or as a means of causing harm to third parties.

In case of violation of the above obligations, you are obliged to fully recover the damage caused to the Company or third parties.

Website Content Ownership & Use

  1. The content of the site (indicative: texts, photos, videos, audio
    files, logos, icons, applications, software) and the intellectual property rights in it, in the form, structure and functions of the site belong to the Company or to third parties who have given the Company a license to use.
  2. Reproduction in whole or in part, copying, republishing, transmission, uploading, uploading, modifying, exploiting or using is prohibited:
    the content, format, structure and functions of the site,
    b. of the trademarks, logos, logos and other distinctive features used on the site, without the prior written consent of the Company or third parties who have rights to them.
  3. Visiting and using the site does not grant you any right over the above information.
  4. The Company reserves the right to modify and renew at any time the content, format, structure and functions of the site.

Disclaimer by the Company

  1. The Company seeks the accuracy of the information posted on the site, however it does not guarantee it, namely the accuracy of information obtained from third parties. In case of errors or inaccuracies, the Company will do its due diligence as soon as possible after their ascertainment.
  2. The Company is not responsible for the content and availability of external websites linked to this website or to which reference is made through the website.
  3. The Company is not liable for minor negligence, for the restoration of any indirect, ancillary damage, lost profits, loss of revenue, for lucky or incidents of force majeure.

Applicable Law & Dispute Resolution

The visit and use of the site and your transactions through it with the Company are governed by Greek law. The courts of Thessaloniki are exclusively responsible for resolving any dispute.
These terms apply to the extent not otherwise specified by law

Through the site you have the opportunity to be informed about the products available
the Company (production of the same or third parties) and order them.

Acceptance of Order From the Company

After submitting the order you will receive an automated email for its receipt. Neither the submission of the order, nor the email for its receipt implies acceptance of the order by the Company. Acceptance of the order requires various checks (such as stock / availability check, credit check, ease of delivery, etc.). Only after the special confirmation of acceptance by the Company is a contract drawn up for the purchase and sale of the product between you and the Company.

Changes in your Order

Changes in the order are accepted only by phone until the delivery of the products to a transport company to be sent to you.

Delivery & Order Process

  1. You are charged with the delivery costs of the products, which are paid in the same way as the price is paid. The amount of costs depends on the delivery method you choose and the delivery address
  2. The delivery time of the products depends on their type and availability and the address to which they will be delivered. Delivery of products is made within a reasonable time, not longer than thirty (30) calendar days. Shorter delivery times listed on the site are indicative, although the Company makes a reasonable effort to comply with them. If you wish to deliver the products within a certain deadline or at a certain day and time, you should contact the Company to find out if this is possible.
  3. If the product is returned to the Company due to your non-finding or other authorized person for delivery or because you gave us incorrect information, you must receive it at your own expense from the Company, by appointment. The Company will attempt to resend the product to you only if you cover the cost of this new shipment.
  4. The Company may not undertake the delivery of products in certain areas (inside or outside Greece). In this case, you must arrange for the receipt of the products from the Company’s premises or from their place of storage / storage.
  5. You will be informed about the progress of your order via email, through your account (if you are a registered user) or by phone.
  6. Upon receipt you should thoroughly inspect the product and its packaging. If you find a problem with the packaging, please do not pick up the product. If you find a problem immediately upon receipt, you must report it immediately to the carrier and the Company.

Withdrawal – Return of Non-Defective Product

  1. If you are a consumer(that is, you are not acting in your professional capacity) you have the right – without having to rely on a defect or other reason – to declare within fourteen (14) calendar days of receipt that you are withdrawing.For the withdrawal statement, it is enough to send to the Company within the above deadline a message from your email address. After receiving the declaration, the Company will send you a confirmation email.
  2. Within fourteen (14) calendar days from the shipment to the Company of the withdrawal statement you must return the product, in the condition you received it, with its packaging and all the forms, gifts, ancillary products and materials that accompanied it in good condition, in address: Katholikon 4, Thessaloniki. The cost of returning the products to the Company are borne exclusively by you.
  3. After the product is returned, the Company will refund the amount received for it. If you did not choose the cheapest shipping method to deliver the product to you, the extra shipping cost will not be refunded.
  4. In case the value of the product, the packaging and / or the accompanying documents has decreased due to misuse, in addition to that which is reasonably required for the simple examination of the functionality and characteristics of the product, you are obliged to compensate the Company. The Company is entitled to deduct the amount of compensation from the amount to be reimbursed.
  5. Each refund from the Company will be made by transfer to a bank account that you indicate in writing or electronically (IBAN, BIC / SWIFT bank account in your name is required).
  6. You do not have the right to withdraw in respect of products that may be damaged or expire soon or whose packaging has been unsealed and their return is contraindicated for reasons of health or hygiene, and for all other things the law excludes the right of withdrawal and choice of payment method).

Product Description

The Company makes an effort for the accuracy of the characteristics and properties of the products listed on the site. However, in the event that inadvertently or due to incorrect information from third parties inaccuracies, typographical or spelling errors in the listed characteristics, properties or prices of the products, the Company is not responsible beyond correcting these errors immediately after their detection, to inform  you in case you have placed an order, and to replace any delivered products or to refund the price, as mentioned below.

Payment of Price, Taxes, Delivery Expenses, etc.

  1. Placing an order for the purchase of a product implies your obligation to pay the price of the product(with all ancillary charges, ie VAT and other fees, taxes or duties imposed by law, as well as the cost of delivery of the product to you).The relevant charges will be notified to you before the completion of the order and will be indicated in the order submission receipt that you will receive electronically (via email), but also in the relevant tax documents in accordance with the legal provisions. You must pay the above amounts by whichever of the following payment methods you choose
    – Deposit in a Eurobank bank account
    – Credit & debit card (visa / master / maestro) through the Eurobank site
    – PayPal
  2. Until the full and complete payment of the price and the ancillary charges, the products remain the property of the Company, even if they have been delivered to you.
  3. The Company reserves the right to change the prices of products and services and the terms and methods of payment at any time. The changes will take effect upon posting on the site.


For each transaction, the legal tax documents are issued and sent electronically. In case you are subject to any special VAT or other tax regime for any reason, you should contact the company by phone before placing an order.

Return of Defective Products

  1. In case you receive a defective product, you should contact the Company by email or phone as soon as possible, but not more than thirty (30) days after receipt of the product, unless otherwise required by law or by nature The product has a shorter life cycle (in which case you should inform the Company immediately). The Company will replace the defective product or refund the price paid (including VAT, delivery costs and any ancillary charges), immediately upon receipt and inspection of the defective product. The costs of returning the defective products are borne by the Company. Defective products must be returned with the original documents accompanying them and in their packaging.
  2. You retain no other claim against the Company in case of a defective product other than that for its replacement or for the return of the price (with VAT, delivery costs and ancillary charges), unless otherwise provided by law.
  3. Defective means products whose characteristics differ substantially from those listed on the site (agreed properties).
  4. Each refund from the Company will be made by transfer to a bank account that you indicate in writing or electronically (IBAN, BIC / SWIFT bank account in your name is required).


You can find out how the Company uses your personal data here.