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Stress is a significant issue in our everyday life. Having responsibilities, deadlines, and problems to solve can put our body and mind in a state of pressure and panic. Stress can affect the way the immune system functions, causing more severe health conditions.

The philosophy of Organic Calm Blend

To find a natural approach to respond to the stress and anxiety, we created Organic Calm Blend, an organic blend which perfectly combines the soothing effects and health benefits of four powerful ingredients. The name ‘’Organic Calm Blend’’ derives from the purpose of this unique beverage, which is to become a precious, self-care ritual, that minimizes stress by offering a sense or calmness and peace.

The recipe

It’s not a secret that the Greek land is blessed with an astonishing number of herbs and fruits, which stand out for their health benefits. We carefully chose the ingredients combination, ensuring that their properties co-exist in a balance with the refined taste and the vibrant golden colour of the herbal tea. The 4 ingredients of Organic Calm Blend are: organic linden tea, organic chamomile, organic lavender, organic rose hip.

Organic Linden Tea

organic linden tea

Linden tea is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. It can be also beneficial when it comes to the relieve of anxiety and stress. More specifically, a study (2015) which had as an object the flower buds of Tilia Tomentosa, a species of linden tea, has shown that it offers very potent soothing effects and sedative action.

Organic Chamomile

organic chamomile

Chamomile is an all-time classic herbal tea, with a gentle apple aroma and a pale gold hue. Despite its humble appearance, studies show that this beautiful herb can significantly improve insomnia and sleep related problems.

Organic Lavender

organic lavender

Lavender is characterised from its outstanding light purple colour and its pleasing smell. Lavender is one of the most used herbs in the market, due to its therapeutic properties, that vary from anxiety-related conditions to skin infections. Research has shown that lavender herbal tea can reduce depression and anxiety, two major causes of sleep disorders.

Organic Rose Hip

organic rose hip

Rose hip is the fruit that grows from a wild rose species, called Rosa Canina. Rose hip is extremely rich in vitamin C, which is necessary for the proper function of the immune system. According to recent studies, it is also a great source of antioxidants and it has anti-inflammatory action.

antheaorganics organic calm blend

You can enjoy the new Organic Calm Blend  in 10 biodegradable, plastic free tea bags. The inner sachet is made of Nature-flex, a home compostable material.


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