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Favorite endemic herb known as "sideritis" from Ancient Greece with remarkable healing properties and mild taste.

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A unique herbal tea to boost your immune system, plenty of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits. Hand-picked on Mount Olympus. A unique species with many beneficial properties, GREEK MOUNTAIN TEA, is a self-grown herb, which flourishes at altitudes above than 1000 m. It has been known since antiquity for its strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and restorative properties. Furthermore, its antidepressant properties and its beneficial effects for Alzheimer’s disease have been recognized in international research literature. SIDERITIS SCARDICA is a holistic perfect restorative for your body and does not contain caffeine.

It can easily be blended with other varieties, such as MENTHA PIPERITA. Ideally, it is enriched with rose petals, which they create a divine aromatic result.

Our mountain tea has been awarded for Great Taste with 2 stars.

What critics said:
"A beautiful product, the flowers have remained whole and look really enticing. Delicate earthy, floral aroma. A really light and refreshing tea that's incredibly smooth and easy to drink. The flavours are really delicate, with floral hints, and an underlying subtle sweetness. A lovely tea."

Enjoy your favourite mountain tea in 100% biodegradable and plastic free tea bags. Our inner packaging made from Nature-flex and is fully home compostable.


Immerse the pyramid in fresh water just before boiling (95°C)C) leave for 4-5 minutes, if desired add honey for sweetener.

Drinking Suggestion

It is easily mixed with varieties such as a little mint. Ideally enriched with rose petals, creating a delicious, healthy and aromatic effect.



Organic mountain tea ( Sideritis Scardica).


Hand picked from the mount Olympus

Νet weight: 10 gr  |   Gross weight: 30 gr


Organic Mountain Tea Nutrition Table


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