Sophia glass teapot 500 ml


Complete the taste of your tea with our borosilicate glass teapots. The Sophia teapot is designed for occasional or daily use by one or more people. With its minimalist design, this collection will allow you to enjoy the brewing process. Our teapots can be used to make hot or cold tea.

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To make each tasting a new discovery, we have chosen the borosilicate glass. It will allow you to admire all the explosions of colour that your tea will produce when brewed.

Ideal for tea bags and green & black loose teas

For the lid, it has been chosen to add a natural touch of acacia wood. This is a wood that does not require any treatment that is harmful to health and is known to last over time. In terms of style, the choice of wood allows us to offer you unique items since each shade of wood is unique.

Acacia is a low-heat wood, so you can limit burns when you touch it and keep the heat in. The ergonomic shape of the lid limits heat loss by following the shape of the filter.

The filter was made from 304 stainless steel, which may not sound familiar, but it is a guarantee for the long term. In addition to being heat and corrosion resistant, stainless steel is full of qualities: it is hostile to the proliferation of bacteria, easy to maintain, and durable over time.

SHELF LIFE AT IMPRESSIVE TEMPERATURE: The stoneware allows good heat diffusion over the entire teapot. Your drink will stay hot for as long as it takes to taste it.

OPTIMAL QUALITY: The Shophia teapot is made of borosilicate glass . This material, known for centuries, knows how to last over time since it is ultra-resistant to knocks and stains that tea can cause. The acacia wood lid of our tea mug meets the FSC standard. No risk of taste and flavor alteration. Dishwasher safe (excluding wooden lid)

This cup holds 500 ml of drink and has the dimensions of18x12.5x13cm

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