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The Great Taste Awards is one of the top food and beverage tasting events in the world. The competition first started in 1994 by the house Guild of Fine Food and since then it takes place every year in London, UK. The Great Taste Awards is a prestigious event, known for its objectivity and the high level of difficulty to stand out.

More than 500 gastronomy experts (like awarded chefs, producers, food bloggers, food critics, food industry entrepreneurs’ etc) participate in the competition as judges. The products are judged solely based on their taste with the method of blind tasting. The winning products are awarded with golden stars.

The Great Taste Awards host every year a great number of participants, from small producers to well-known brands with years of experience in the food and beverage industries. The awarded products are chosen carefully, after hours of testing and are certified for their exceptional taste quality.

During the competition, only a small percentage of participants get to stand out. In the event of 2019, among 12.500 products only 208 manage to get awarded. Among the awarded products , were the products of Anthea Organics!

The Great Taste Awards honoured in the completion of 2019, the Organic Detox Blend of Anthea Organics with 3 stars- the greatest distinction given to a product-while in the event of 2020, they awarded our Organic Mint and our Organic Rose Petals with 2 stars and our Organic Greek mountain tea with 1 stars among 12.772 products.

Some of the critics’ comments about Anthea Organics herbal tea were:

Organic Detox Blend- 3 stars

anthea organics detox blend plastic free tea bags
‘’A sparkling clear, bright gold liquor with a full herbal aroma. The smooth mouth filling flavour with a light chill from the mint is perfectly complemented with a sweet honeyed roundness from the carob and bright citrus notes from the lemon verbena. The judges thought this to be an absolute delight’’.

Organic Mint – 2 stars

anthea organics mint plastic free tea bags

Fresh and full of mint, with natural sweet undertones. It’s a very good mint tea.

Organic Rose Petals – 2 stars

anthea organics organic rose petals plastic free tea bags
‘’The petals are a lovely quality, deep pink with a purple tinge. The aroma from the cup is a beautiful soft sweet rose that is very enticing. The colour in the cup is a clear pale yellow. The flavour is soft, sweet, undoubtedly rose. It has a lovely lasting aftertaste. Perfect for a summer’s evening’’.

Organic Greek mountain tea – 1 star

Anthea Organics Greek Mountain tea plastic free tea bags
‘’A beautiful product, the flowers have remained whole and look really enticing. Delicate earthy, floral aroma. A really light and refreshing tea that’s incredibly smooth and easy to drink. The flavours are really delicate, with floral hints and an underlying subtle sweetness. A lovely tea’’.

We are beyond proud that our products managed to excel for their unique flavour and fantastic quality in such a significant tasting competition, which place them among the best in the world!

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