Organic Rose Petals Loose Leaf Tea 20gr


A floral beverage with a delicate, lasting aftertaste that will excites you.

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The rose is widely known for its imposing beauty, its dreamy smell and rich history as the King of the flowers.

Many believe that the only thing roses have to offer, is their incomparable beauty and their magnificent smell but there are a lot more beyond the surface.

The rose petals tea is made from one of the best rose varieties in the world, the Rosa Damascena. The rose petals tea is an excellent beverage for the human body and soul in terms of properties. Rich in vitamins A, E, B3, and F, it offers tremendous strength to vital organs of the human body, while having a positive effect on the nervous system.

The collection and drying process of the roses takes place in May by hand and is a very demanding procedure for the producers.

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Recipe for hot tea

Recommended dose:For each cup, it is recommended 1 gram of rose petals tea (1 teaspoon).

Add fresh, warm, filtered water (80ºC)in a pot and leave the tea to infuse for 5-6 minutes, with the lid on, to allow the essential oils to be released. It can be served plain or with honey.

Enjoy it in the morning and start your day with a positive mood.




From west Macedonia.

Net weight: 20gr  Gross weight: 45gr

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