Organic rose petals plastic free tea bags


Unique rose tea keeping whole the petals in the biodegradable pyramid tea bags, enclosing valuable properties and a delicate aroma.

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Undoubtedly ROSE PETALS stand out, not only for their exotic beauty and dreamy aroma, but also for their amazingly beneficial properties for the human body.

As a herbal tea it is known for its rosy taste, which, combined with its dreamy aroma, offers a feeling of wellness and balance.

The Rose of Damascus, one of the most valuable varieties of the Rodanthe family. The collection and drying of the rose is done in May by hand and is a laborious process for the producers.

Dried rose petals are an excellent product, a symbol of eternal youth.

Enjoy it in the morning and start your day with a positive mood.

Rose petals have been awarded with 2 stars in Great Taste.

What critics said:
The petals are a lovely quality, deep pink with a purple tinge. The aroma from the cup is a beautiful soft sweet rose that is very enticing. The colour in the cup is a clear pale yellow. The flavour is soft, sweet,undoubtedly rose.It has a lovely lasting aftertaste. Perfect for a summer’s evening.

Enjoy your favourite rose tea in 100% biodegradable and plastic free pyramid tea bags. Our inner packaging made from Nature-flex and is fully home compostable.


Immerse the pyramid in fresh water just before boiling (95°C)leave for 4-5 minutes, if desired add honey for sweetener.

Extra Info

Enjoy it in the morning and start your day with a positive mood.

Νet weight: 80 gr  |   Gross weight: 200 gr


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