Organic Lemon Verbena Plastic Free Tea Bags 10pcs


Lemon verbena tea in plastic free tea bags. A unique experience of quality and taste with whole leaves.

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Excellent relaxing Lemon Verbena tea, full of citrus aroma.

The rich Greek biodiversity makes the Greek Lemon Verbena unique in taste and aroma, gaining its place among the top medicinal and beneficial herbs for the human body.

Lemon Verbena hot extract is famous for its aphrodisiac attributes.

Enjoy your favourite Lemon Verbena tea in biodegradable and plastic free tea bags.

The inner packaging is made of Nature-flex, a home compostable material.

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Immerse the pyramid in fresh water just before boiling (95 ° C), then leave it for 5-8 minutes to release all the flavours. Add honey as a sweetener.



Organic lemon verbena leaves.


Hand-picked in the region of Northern Greece.

Net weight: 10gr  Gross weight: 30gr


People with hypotension issues should avoid lemon verbena tea, due to its diuretic action which reduces blood pressure. It should also be avoided by women during pregnancy and breastfeeding period.

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