Organic Detox Blend Plastic Free Tea Bags 10pcs


A unique blend of organic aromatic herbs which consists a natural way of detoxification and wellness.

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The Organic Detox Blend is a unique herbal tea with warm citrus aroma and a beautiful, clear amber colour. Layers of lemon followed by mint, woody sage, then menthol and finally more lemon, going full circle!

It is an ideal drink for detoxification in a more natural way.

The organic infusion ‘’Detox Blend’’ has been awarded with 3 stars (the highest distinction), in Great Taste Awards 2019 in London.
From 12,772 entries worldwide, only 208 products managed to get 3 stars in the competition, an honour that place Detox Blend among the elite of fine foods.

What critics said:
”A sparkling, clear, bright gold liquor with a full herbal aroma. The smooth mouth filling flavour with a light chill from the mint is perfectly complemented with a sweet honeyed roundness from the carob and bright citrus notes from the lemon verbena. The judges thought this to be an absolute delight.”

”Pale golden tea. Very clear brew. Loose tea has a mild attractive herbaceous aroma. Brilliantly refreshing and lively tea. Faint depth from some mountain herbs gives the tea a solid base. Lemon and mint top notes really sing and dance across the tongue. Great to drink at any time we think. Excellent tea.‘’

Enjoy your favourite Organic Detox Blend in 100% biodegradable, plastic free pyramid tea bags. The inner packaging is made of Nature-flex, a home compostable material.

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Immerse the pyramid in fresh water just before boiling (95 ° C), leave for 4-5 minutes, if desired add honey as a sweetener.



Lemon balm, mint, sage, lemon verbena and carob.


Hand-picked from all over Greece.

Νet weight: 15 gr  |   Gross weight: 35 gr

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Πίνακας διατροφικής αξίας