Organic Energy Blend Plastic Free Tea Bags 10pcs


A unique blend of aromatic plants with floral aroma and mild taste to enjoy it all day.

Organic Certified Product USDA Organic Certified Product


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Increase your energy level naturally with the Organic Energy Blend. Start your day with a wonderful mixture of rose petals, Greek mountain tea, sage, mint and rosemary.

The tonic effect of mint, blends harmoniously with the stimulating properties in body and mind offered by the Greek mountain tea and rosemary.

The rose petals close this delicious combination in the best way, complementing it with their characteristic aroma.

The Organic Energy Blend was awarded with the Bronze award in the category of ”Innovative Product”, in Specialist Awards 2021, hosted by Gourmet Exhibition.

Enjoy it in biodegradable, plastic free pyramid tea bags. The inner bag is made of Nature-flex, a home compostable material.

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Weight 0,2 kg


Immerse the pyramid in fresh water just before boiling (95oC) leave for 4-5 minutes, if desired add honey for sweetener.



Greek mountain tea, rose petals , sage, mint and rosemary.


Hand-picked from all over Greece.

Net weight: 10gr  Gross weight: 30gr

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Πίνακας διατροφικής αξίας