Organic Jasmine blend plastic free tea bags 25 pcs


A unique blend that offers the combined antioxidant power of green and black tea, created for a milder taste combining the aromas of floral jasmine.

Organic Certified Product USDA Organic Certified Product



A traditional black tea permeated with the heady perfume of fresh Jasmine flowers. A delightful and delicately fragrant tea.
Delicate tea of fine scented jasmine tea and black tea. Created by way of a time-honoured process, jasmine blossoms are layered onto a bed of premium green tea leaves until the sublime scent of the petals is absorbed. Recognised as a speciality tea, it’s ideal for when you want to explore a new taste to black tea and indulge in the produced by green and jasmine tea leaves at the same time.

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Weight 0.5 kg


Immerse the pyramid in fresh water (80 ° C), then leave it for 2-3 minutes to release all the flavours. Add honey as a sweetener.



Black tea, scented jasmine tea.


India and China.

Net weight: 50 gr Gross weight: 100gr

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