Organic Rose Black Tea 100 gr


A fine blend of Darjeeling black tea and delicious Rose petals. Enjoy this tea blend of delicate dried Greek rose petals and the full taste of Darjeeling black tea. A Victorian tradition!
This black-leaf tea is blended with smooth, sweet rose petals, known as Rose Black Tea.

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Enjoy the fragrant splendor of a rose garden in your teacup. This fine black tea blend wafts romantic notes of rose, making it a wonderfully floral black tea. A unique blend with a smooth taste a rich floral aroma and a nice, clean finish.
A Victorian tradition, it was served in fine porcelain cups to kings and queens.

Awaken your senses and energize your being with this beautifully floral blend. Rose Black Tea goes well by itself or milk and sweetener.

Loose leaf tea comes packaged in plastic free pouch that has a resealable zip-lock to maintain freshness.

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Recipe for hot tea

Recommended dose: For each cup, it is proposed 2 gr of Rose black tea

Add fresh, warm, filtered water (90ºC) in a pot and leave the tea to infuse for 2-3 minutes, with the lid on, to allow the essential oils to be released. It can be served plain or with milk.



Organic Darjeeling black tea & Organic Greek rose petals


India and Greece

Νet weight: 100 gr  |   Gross weight: 150 gr

Nutritional value

Πίνακας διατροφικής αξίας

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