anthea organic plastic free tea bags

Have you ever wondered how your favourite tea can affect the environment? Truth is that most of tea brands which are available in the market nowadays are not environmentally friendly. In fact, most tea companies use plastic in their tea bags, in the form of polypropylene, a substance which helps them to be sealed by heat. According to a study published in the journal of Environmental Science & Technology in 2019, a single tea bag can release billions of microplastic particles in just one cup. In other words, these type of tea bags are not safe for the environment or your home compost and they can be potentially harmful for the human health.

The good news is, that there are a few alternatives out there. During the past years, there are certain companies which have adopted a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach when it comes to their tea bags. Our company, Anthea Organics is one of them.

How are our plastic free tea bags made?

anthea organics plastic free tea bags

The Anthea Organics tea bags are made of polylactic acid and non-genetically modified raw materials. The polylactic acid (also known as PLA) is a bioplastic which is produced by plant-based sources, like corn starch. The bioplastic is completely natural, industrially compostable, biodegradable and much more eco- friendly than regular substances. In case you wonder if the corn starch can somehow affect the quality or the taste of your tea, you do not have any reason to worry, as it has zero effect on the beverage.

How long it takes for a plastic free tea bag to decompose?

Decomposition is a process that depends mainly on the temperature. When it comes to Greece, the decomposition can take place in less time because of the warm climate. You can decompose our tea bags in your home compost or in the special compost bins in your area.

Is our packaging plastic free?

With the environmental awareness being an integral part of our company’s philosophy, we created a packaging that is plastic free, zero waste and 100% safe for the environment and the people. The Anthea Organics packaging is free of substances such as glues, staples or metals and it consists of four parts: the paper box, the plastic free tea bags, a sticker, and the internal sachet.

anthea organics rose petal plastic free tea bags

When it comes to the latter, our tea bags are placed inside this special sachet. The sachet may look like plastic but is not. In fact, it is made of cellulose, a substance which derives from wood-pulp (Nature-Flex) and is fully biodegradable and compostable.

So, next time you will be in the mood for a cup of tea, maybe you should consider trying a more nature-friendly option like plastic free tea bags. And don’t forget! By making positive changes even in the smallest things in our everyday life, we can create a better world for everyone!


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